Work is Never Done.

Freedom lives here.

Freedom lives here.

In life work is never done. Being free, living life as you see fit, work is never done. I’m in the middle years of my life (I hope), and sometimes I feel that I don’t have the time to get many things that I want to accomplish that I want to. Build up my land, planting trees and such.  No matter what I am doing, and no matter what needs doing I remember what I do, what we do matters. It matters to ourselves, our families, our community, and planet. “Society grows great when old men plant trees for which their shade they will never sit under.” My children will benefit from all the work my wife and I are doing. My children enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables that we grow. They benefit from working in their own gardens learning responsibility. Learning to live a free and self reliant life. Learning to help care for those who may need help. Even to be able to help. Learning to be debit free, and not slave to any lenders. While I still have breath work is never done.

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