Planting Apple Trees from Seed.

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

I’ve noticed when buying apples in the grocery store now a day the seeds in the core have already starting sprouting. Apple seeds need to cold stratify for about 30 day in order to sprout. So these apples have been stored cold for a month before reaching the store. Little food for thought. I have planted these seeds in four in pots to see if they grow.

Call Johnny Apple Seed.

Call Johnny Apple Seed.


I have planted ten so far. Even though some have sprouted I still have to cold stratify those that haven’t. To cold stratify apple seeds place them in a damp paper towel. Then into a zip lock bag, and place the bag into  the refrigerator for about 30 days.  Afterwards take out the bag and let it sit at room temperature till sprouted. Pot them up.

When starting seeds this way. Keep in mind that the fruits will not be true to type. Granny smith seeds will not produce true Granny Smith apples. Apple trees must cross pollinate with another tree like Honey Crisp. If you keep that in mind, and don’t mind surprise apples enjoy free trees. I want a true to type apple on at least a few of these trees, so I plan to graft scion of Granny Smith and Honey Crisp onto these stock. This may take a year to get the size enough to graft.

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9 thoughts on “Planting Apple Trees from Seed.

  1. Well, if apples didn’t go into cold storage, we’d only be able to eat them in season.
    Lou has planted about a dozen from seed, and they’re looking good so far. We don’t get the recommended hearty root stocks, but neither does Mark Shepherd 😉
    This stuff fascinates me. We’ve got the commercial people, the in between like Michael Phillips who sprays nutrients frequently and prunes faithfully, and Mark Shepard who does almost nothing. I’m hoping STUN works for us. Like you, we’re also planting some nursery trees. Fun to hear what you’re doing. Thanks!

  2. Yeah I know. I just find it very cool to be able to plant trees from free seeds. I not really looking for total neglect. I am working on 3 acres, so I’m pruning all my trees at 8 feet, so I can reach the top. I also plant my trees closer because I am managing my trees at 8 feet tall. I plant my trees about 4 – 6 feet apart.

  3. I did not you had to cool fruit seeds before growing, great advice. I am going to attempt it here in the UK. But I am renting so will be trying to grow my tree in a large pot, a bit of an experiment but we shall see.

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  5. I have planted apple trees for seed for years. I don’t grateful mine, I like surprises. They come out as good hard cider apples, sweet eatjng, tart cooking… I give away a lot of seedlings. Have fun with your trees!

      • Me too! I am also planting my pear seeds. I am almost complete with my first hard cider. It is mild and good tasting. I need the deeper roots on full size trees so my 5 acres will get a variety. This batch of seeds are part Braeburn. We’ll see! I enjoy growing fruit trees from seed. Grew a peach last year and it is a pretty thing.

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