SCOTUS Decision.

Freedom lives here.

Freedom lives here.

It appears that on my personal Facebook feed the Confederates have gone to war with Skittles. All this is to distract us and divide us farther. Personally I couldn’t care less for the Confederate flag, but as same sex marriage I look at this issue with logic. Legally speaking, same sex marriage is a non issue. I mean are we to expect some people to sit at back of the bus again now. I don’t understand same sex couples because I’m not one. I’m not God nor a preacher, so I’ll the morality of it to them. Some people so not like gay and lesbian couple, but those couple shouldn’t care. Just don’t like them in return or be the bigger person and forgive them.

Now onto the ruling. What a bunch of crock. What gripes me the most about all of this is that government role on marriage in the first place. Should gay or straight couple bow down and ask government permission to marry.  I’ll be a good little minion if you will only allow me to marry the person I love. Why should citizens feel the need to beg government for permission to wed. They shouldn’t. We as citizens need not seek government approval for anything personal. Government cannot give something to one person without taking it from someone else. Ones right to marry another’s right to choose who to accept as a costumer.

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2 thoughts on “SCOTUS Decision.

  1. Well said my friend! Never really looked at it like that, an interesting and true perspective. Why should we have to get the blessing of the government to marry? Mainly so they can record it and certain documents and legal rubbish really. I personally like the idea of Pagan wedding tying the rope around the wrist and this is what I intend to do with my partner. the paper work means nothing to me other than an easier legal life in the eye of logistics.

    • With any edict from the government it can only be enforced by a threat of violence at the point of a gun. I ask myself on any points that are made political is it worth that threat of violence at the point of that gun.

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