Geoff Lawton on Building Community.

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

I recently had the chance to hear a question posed to Geoff Lawton on chapter 14 of the Permaculture Manual, and why it’s not discussed more often. I myself have written on the importance of community, and my lack of community building skills. What he had to say was so profound it blew my mind. Yet it was so simple. His answer made me re-think community building. Basically he said that leaders of the Permaculture focus on production getting design and system in place. Without the design and the system their is no production. No surplus. So focus of obtaining a surplus then community comes naturally. Without something to share be it money, labor, or time you really bring little to the table so to speak. I for one currently have little of each, but hopefully that changes. I enjoy the idea of sharing goods from my garden with others. I am currently air layering a pear tree for a Dad. He mention how he wanted to plant some trees. I thought he might like to start with a pear tree. I will be potting it up soon. Then I will turn my focus to my nursery to get more trees going to finish off my property and maybe give a few to my Dad.

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6 thoughts on “Geoff Lawton on Building Community.

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  2. That makes perfect sense and as you say is so simple. Thanks for sharing, there you go you have surplus knowledge :). I can’t wait until my produce is enough to feed my family let alone share but I am learning and it’s coming.

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