Freedom lives here.

Freedom lives here.

I am encouraging my kids to be entrepreneurial. I have started them their own You Tube channel called Kidz <3Toyz (shameless plug 😉  ) For their first few videos the open and try out new toys they bought. When I mean bought I mean they bought the toys with the their own money. We pay them a small allowance to do a few chores around the house and such. This weekend a cousin of mine had a yard sale, and let my girls have a lemonade stand. My girls helped their mom bake cookies and other snacks and make lemonade. In the few hours we were there( about 4 hours) my girls made about $40. They sold out of all snacks and we ran out of cups for the lemonade. Over all they were excited.The next day we took them to spend their hard earned money. They wanted to post them opening their new toys. They were very proud of them selves. Mommy and Daddy were to.

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