Chicken Eggs Are in the Incubator.

Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is for everyone.

In about 20 days hopefully is things go well we will have 10 new chickens. These maybe called community chickens because a neighbor of mine saw a Facebook post of mine about building a incubator and offered his up for my use. He was the kind of guy that while letting me borrow the incubator gave me all sorts of chicken supplies. Feeders and an incubator that he built. So not only did he let me borrow his store bought,  “until when ever you are through with it” he gave one he had built.

I collected 10 over a few days. Mean while I let the incubator heat up, and adjusted the temperature until it was 100 degrees for a whole day. With a pencil I marked each egg with a X on one side and an O on the other. I don’t have a automatic turner, so I have to turn them every so often. They must be turned also a odd number of times. You have to do that so the will not be on the same side over night in consecutive nights.

Of course I involved my kids in all that I do. During the day they are in charge of turning the eggs. And of course they had to name and label each egg. I have eggs name Lilly, Lolly, Dirty Boy, and Dirty Girl.



These are Plymouth Barred Rocks. These are from my flock, but hopefully I will be buying Rhode Island Red hatching eggs soon. Local of course $2.50 a dozen.

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