Google Calendar…. Use it.

Design your world.

Design your world.

If you have a business or have plans on starting one. Get Google Calendar. I plan to sell chicks, rabbits, and organic plants starting early next year. I plan to post availability on my calendar. When I start chicks and what type. Then customer can scroll ahead to see when they will be ready. I am a computer guy during the day, and Permaculture and freedom super hero at night, so technology is natural to me. For those who aren’t as savvy. Get you a gmail account, and watch the following videos.


You guys can look for my calendars. I made them public.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and hit me up on twitter.

3 thoughts on “Google Calendar…. Use it.

  1. Thank you! Now I know why my school calendar wasn’t working quite like I wanted it to. I will be looking for your calendar. Peace.

  2. OK, I just looked up your calendar by your URL address and it can’t find it. I don’t have your email address and neither of the videos showed how to find a calendar. Please tell me how to find your calendar. Thanks.

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