Plant Propagation…. Pear.


Permaculture is for everyone.

I recently watched a YouTube where Nick Ferguson spoke about plant propagation. In the video he mention a book called The Reference Manual of Woody Plant Propagation by Michael Dirr and Charles Heuser, JR. I found and checked out the book at a local library. A lot of the information will come from this book, as in facts and measurements.

Now on to propagation of the common pear.

Propagation from seed. Seeds can be gathered, cleaned, and stored. Pear seeds must me cold stratified to break dormancy. Seeds must be stored in temperatures from 36 – 32 degrees for three months, which will produce a 97% germination rate.

Propagation from cuttings. Propagation of pear trees can be done from softwood cuttings taken from new growth in early June. Hardwood can be done but very difficult. Note propagation of pear trees or any fruiting trees is possible, but not encouraged because of disease and pests. See grafting.

Propagation from grafting. Bench grafting using a whip and tongue method onto seedlings and clonal rootstock. After grafted and waxed place in moist well drained storage. Dapple shade in pots is my plan. In the fall pears can be T-budded or chip budded in in late July and August. I’m not very familiar with budding, so I’ll leave it at the right now until I learn more. Rootstocks can be chosen for region where you live. For warm of cold tolerance and such.

Here is the video on plant propagation that I mentioned earlier.


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  2. That is a great book! Where are you located again? I may have other propagation book suggestions for you. I just completed my propagation class for this quarter last week. Loved that class!!!

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