Microgreens Another Winter Crop.

Microgreen are tiny leafy plants that are harvested at about two inches in height. They are not sprouts just young plants. Like sprouts the are easy and take up little space. Broccoli, radish, cabbage, and mustard green can be grown.


Microgreens can be planted outside in mild climates all year. In colder regions, these seeds can grow outdoors, except during winter. Soil should be well amended with organic matter. Raised beds are a good idea to use when planting, especially in climates where soil slowly warms. Plant seeds in full sun with soil that is kept moist and well draining, fertilize lightly.

Indoors, microgreen plants should be placed in bright light. The container size should be wider than deep and filled with a loose planting medium such as vermiculite or perilite

In both situations, sow seeds approximately 1/8 inch deep and keep soil moist. For sequential harvesting, sow seeds every seven days.

Soon after sprouting, from 6 – 10 days old, plants can be harvested with a small cutter. Grab small clusters of the crop and cut just above the soil line. Some seed instructions suggest harvesting before the true leaves develop; follow specific seed packet instructions for each type of microgreen crop.

Here is a video on a microgreen business that is doing very well in a modified shipping container.

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