Update Febuary 11 2016


Permaculture is for everyone.

I started plants two weeks ago, and now I have a little update on who everything progressing.






I started some broccoli. My family loves broccoli, and I hope to have plenty this year.


I have little plants sprouting already.








I also have cabbage plants coming up.


I also have many flowers, tomatoes, and peppers started that hasn’t peeked through yet.





I also started some pear seeds. They are doing much better than I expected.  These are seeds that I collected from fruit that was brought from the store. We’ll see what we get out of these. It’s just a little experiment that I’m doing.

IMG_2531.JPGThe hoop house is holding up well. Even thought the temperatures have gotten down below freezing every night the plants are doing quite well. I am very satisfied how things are coming along.

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