Systems Thinking.


Permaculture is for everyone.

Permaculture is all about systems thinking. Systems thinking is where you arrange things for the most effective use.  That use could be planting a shade loving plant in the shade of fruit tree. Placing animals where their care becomes easier. Experiment finds what works for you. I will take you through systems I have that I plan on changing this fall and winter.

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2 thoughts on “Systems Thinking.

  1. Looking forward to seeing the new chicken tractor. The farm I help out at has a huge chicken tractor, not unlike yours in design, but they can’t move it until they have volunteers in. Even then, it’s a huge chore. I decided there and then we’re having one on wheels! One of the things I like about permaculture is that “if you’re working too hard, you’re doing something wrong.” (Larry Korn)

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