Permaculture: How to Start

So you’ve heard about Permaculture, but you don’t know where to start? We start with our zone 1. Our zone 1 is a where we visit daily, and is the easiest to maintain. In my zone 1 I’ve already planted my pollinator and predator a tractors. Later I will add edibles: such as blue berries, strawberries, and vegetables and herbs. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!

Summer Update 8.16.17

Homesteading or being is a journey. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing, and other bumps in the road at every turn. Ups and downs are around every turn. My first ever successful rooting of flowering shrubs. The flip side minimal success with the garden. Last of the medium/large livestock after my goat and Great Pyrenees die. Just remember when you fail fail forward. Garden and such was not successful, but quality of life is at a all time high.