Nature’s Fruit

What’s better than fresh fruit. Free fresh fruit provided by nature. “Wild” fruit is well adapted to your local climate, and is one important component of Permaculture. Muscadies are North America’s native grapes, and can make a great wine. Jams and jellies can be made from black berries and muscadines. I plan to encourage these two fruits to grow, but how I want it to. I’m thinking a food hedge along the perimeter of my property for some security. And it’s FREE!!!
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Dealing with Losses.

You want to start homesteading. Brace yourself you will have losses. I love watching chicks popping and hatching. I hate losing some. But lose some you will. So start small. Losing a chick is a lot easier and less expensive than losing a calf or goat. Focus on the victories. Don’t dwell on the losses. Have fun.