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I currently live in the house that I grew up in. Before I move on to such things like water collecting and solar, I need to upgrade the energy efficiency. I will soon start the project of replacing siding for a more rustic farm house look. While increasing the insulation in the walls and ceiling.

Sprouts… Winter’s Crop.


Be the best you.

Winter is rolling in. Nights are getting longer. Cold. Still have garden fever. Want fresh vegetables?¬† Try sprouting your vegetables. It’s easy, can be done indoors, and are very nutrient dense.

Why sprout. Sprouts can be grown anytime of the year, and requires little equipment. Mostly what we as homesteaders already have. Sprouting is also easy and fun. Fresh nutrient dense foods year round.

What is required. Quart mason jars, cheese cloth, rubber bands, and seeds. That’s it. Make sure all jars are clean and cleansed after each use. Molds and bacteria can build up in the jars if they are not properly cleansed. Which can make you sick. Use only growing seeds for sprouting. I use High Mowing Seeds for my seeds. They have a selection just for sprouting. These seeds have been tested to make sure no bacteria or mold are on the seeds. What I plan to try is the broccoli and salad mix. They can be found by clicking here.

The following video is from High Mowing Seeds on how to sprout.

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