Goal Setting.

Goals Make Success.

Goals Make Success.

Goals are an important component to success. Clearly defined written goals are the map to your dreams. It’s very important to put you goals on paper to maximize its effects on your subconscious. Just like your initial design for you food forest you must make a life plan, and spend your life energy and time completing the design. I even break down my goals into subcategories: finical, health, and life. So my goals are as follows: Finical: 1. become debit free 2. Build freedomfarmtv to a successful business. 3. Increase my rainy day fund. Health: 1. Improve overall health by losing 20 pounds. 2. Cut carbs from my diet. Life. 1. Increase personal freedom. 2. Spend more time and have more fun my family. 3. Implement Permaculture into my life.

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A little more on goal setting.

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