A Statethiests?

Design your world.

Design your world.

What is a Statethiest? I’m a Statethiest. I do not believe in government. I feel government on the federal, state, and local levels should be restricted. Governments can only enslave not set free. Our Constitution was constructed to protect we the people from the over reach of government and those who influence government. Unfortunately since it’s drafting our right protected by that great document have been eroded.  Little by little, inch by inch government grows in size and influence. And a long with it more and more of our freedoms. Governments try to influence our behaviors by enacting unconstitutional laws. They take away our right to property and our own wealth. Through taxation and its enforcement agencies, government steals from us with the threat of violence at the point of a gun ( as Jack Spirko likes to say). Do you own your property? Even is you don’t have a loan on the property, don’t pay taxes on it (rent) and see whats happens. Officers with badges and guns will remove you from that land. With threat of violence at the point of a gun. Government doesn’t like the fact you have a garden in your front yard. Then you must remove it. You can try to fight it in court, but no guarantees of success. So what do we do? We face the facts. Government is not the solution. Government can never love or care for you and your family as much as you do. Our biggest weapon is apathy. Simply telling government we don’t need you anymore. Taking responsibility for yourself and that of your children. This applies to all aspects of your life. Design your life where you increase your personal freedom. Pay off consumer debit, grow your own food, and try to untangle yourself from the mechanisms that enslave you. Design your life where you increase your happiness. Realize that this world can be what ever you want. We cannot control everything, but we can design our lives where we can increase personal freedom. In a world where we are so divided (and I think it’s the plan) each of us taking care of our family and community will bring us closer together.

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2 thoughts on “A Statethiests?

  1. Reblogged this on Blisters, Bunions and Blarney and commented:
    I like how this post mirrors some of my thoughts in ‘A Quiet Revolution’ (see ‘what are your thoughts?’). I’m not sure that apathy is a weapon, but I do think disengaging from governmental and party politics is a step in the right direction. Rather than apathy, perhaps a redirection of political energy is implied by starting in our own backyards.

    • If a good portion of the population had a shift in mind set to “We don’t need you. I can handle it.” when concerning government we could obsolete government. I care for my family and community more than government can possibly can. And we take back the power from the elites. This applies to both mafia families (Democrats and Republicans). Thanks for comments and reblogg.

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