Hugelkultur or wood core bed is a Permaculture for growing plants, bushes, and trees. I installed my first bed this year. I plan to plant pear and peach trees along with some support species in the fall. For a woody bed dig a trench, I like mine on contour to slow rain that runs down slope. After the trench is dug fill the trench with wood preferably hard wood because it takes longer to decompose. Then back fill the trench with the soil you removed.  Cover crop it and sheet mulch it. I used sunflowers, broccoli, and pole beans as my cover crop, and covered them with straw. Later I will plant comfrey for dynamic accumulator, peach and pear trees, and almond trees for a nitrogen fixer. This is my fist one, but I plan on many more again all on contour about four feet apart. This will be my food forest.


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