The Time Has Come for Change.


Time has come for a change. Change in how we think and act. The time for squandering of our resources is over. Ever heard the term Peak Oil, peak oil is when oil has nearly ran out and prices are too high for the average person to afford.  Oil prices have more ups and down than a roller coaster these days. Even of peak oil is not reached in our life time is it ethical for us to misuse it at the expense of future generations. We live in a consumer base culture today where we have the luxury of buying a new IPad or other devices every year. Once the new model is released the new one is discarded. Ask yourself is this ethical? When your dishwasher breaks do you replace it? Can it be repaired? Items cost nearly as much to repair as it does to purchase a new one and you are stuck with the older technology. We can change from consumers to producers.  Produce your own goods and reuse the old and not so worn out items. Things can be repurposed. My deck on my house needed replacing, and I used the frame to build my chicken tractors. No material from that old deck went to waste. I’m not saying leave all society behind and join a hippy commune, but just be aware of how much wastefulness you have. Keep in mind just because you threw something away doesn’t mean it no longer exists. Be aware that when you treat your lawn with pesticides and fertilizers, and it rains all those chemicals wash away and possibly down the storm drain where the chemicals have the potential to damage eco-systems.

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