Hugelkulture Grow Bed Complete.


I finished my hugelkulture grow bed project. I didn’t want to keep buying top soil to put onto the berm. Instead I started digging a small garden pond, and used the fill  dirt to build the berm. In the video I’m a little winded, so excuse me talking while out of breath.

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2 thoughts on “Hugelkulture Grow Bed Complete.

  1. Very helpful! I have a natural spring my ducks are still using in mid-December (northeastern Maine) even though everything else is frozen and snowy. I plan to dig it out for them next year. Combine that with releasing apple trees, clearing invasive black cherry saplings and plenty of other organic matter, and I think this is what I need to do. Building the hugel on the dry edge of the spring will make this simple and productive, and the ducks will be happy. Thank you for the video!

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